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Project Management

In a technical and methodological context that is increasingly oriented towards Agility, the management of projects with a determined cost, a determined deadline and human and material resources defined in advance become a real challenge.

Our mission is to support our clients in this process, this requires an in-depth knowledge of collaborative and Agile project management methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, RAD etc.) but also a solid previous experience about the potential project risks in order to anticipate potential impacts.

It is an expertise at Vision Business Consulting with dozens of projects in package mode to our credit. If the needs of the project of our customers are clearly defined in the form of a Document of Detailed Functional Specifications, we have the possibility of carrying out a costing, followed by a division of the project in module and to be on a commitment on the result by proposing a cost and a delivery time for each module.

Otherwise, if the customer’s need is expressed but only in broad outline, we can either offer Project Management Assistance support to finish the project specifications before starting the project or offer a specialized project manager profile to monitor the project in a governed mode and in a mean commitment.