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The automotive industry as we knew it is no longer relevant. Currently, we operate within an ecosystem based on pure innovation.

Advances in connected and autonomous technology, the shift from fossil-fueled vehicles to renewable-energy vehicles with software-based CO2 emission calculation, the focus on sustainability and ever-changing customer expectations are not just a few of today’s trends that raise fundamental questions about tomorrow’s automotive industry.

These megatrends present both exciting new opportunities and threats to conventional automakers.

Vision Business Consulting, in partnership with public bodies such as the automotive department of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, with innovative car manufacturers such as Mahindra Group, and international automotive suppliers such as the Japanese Jtekt and the american Tenneco, helps players in the sector to to move into Industry 3.0, to rethink the way they reshape their products, structure their businesses and reinvent the services and experiences they offer to customers in this new age of the automobile.

With our clients realizing that it’s time to work together across industry boundaries to discover new approaches to innovation and collaboration, we are succeeding in creating disruptive approaches.