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Digital provides a real added value in the energy sector allowing our customers to meet more challenges.

Vision Business Consulting has supported the digital transformation of 6 European and African companies specializing in the conception, sale and maintenance of wind and solar energy, with convincing results. Our clients improve their performance thanks to several digital tools that Vision Business Consulting has developed for them:

  • Software allowing to launch inspections by drones equipped with thermal cameras on the photovoltaic solar panels, to process the images thanks to an Artificial Intelligence engine and to generate an automatic inspection report.
  • Platform allowing High Voltage and Very High Voltage customers to monitor their energy consumption and their ROI via precise KPIs
  • Business Steering software allows, via a mathematical model and an algorithm using non-linear regression, to optimize the generation of invoices and thus the customer’s turnover.
  • Software that allows them to plan their drone’s inspections for the detection of anomalies on the blades of wind turbines, with restitution of the discovered defaults in the form of a 3D model and a PDF report.
  • etc.

The major challenge that we face with our customers in the energy sector is to centralize the data generated by their equipment and use this data for better optimization of the activity. The work organization of the various departments of the group which worked in silos is considerably improved, synonymous with saving time, money and energy -with pun intended :)-