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We support our banking clients in their transformation

Our teams of experienced, multidisciplinary consultants, with know-how and expertise in the banking sector, which enables it to support its clients in their transformation projects

Vision Business Consulting supports its banking clients in the construction and implementation of their projects on the human, organizational, technological and digital aspects.

  • User journey and experience: Define dynamic and adaptive customer journeys on all offers (banking, non-banking), isolate irritating points and offer a more efficient and pleasant journey.
  • Operational efficiency: Optimizing organizational and IT processes while guaranteeing a seamless customer journey in order to maintain its margin
  • Project management: Control of costs, deadlines and resources while reporting KPIs
  • Regulatory: Basel regulations, automated regulatory reporting, US regulations, etc.
  • Data for Bank: Optimizing the growing flow of data to improve banking processes, customer experience and risk management