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The center of digital disruption and convergence is the insurance sector. Leading insurers are diversifying and enhancing their offerings as they synchronize with evolving consumer demands. This means making unanticipated new ecosystems that cater to a wide range of client demands and investing in customer-facing, cloud-based digital technologies. Additionally, insurance companies are reinventing their place in society, launching sustainability programs, and promoting the digitization of the customer journey in all steps from subscription to reimbursement following a claim.

Thanks to the accident and claim risk scoring mobile applications that we develop for major insurance company clients, they are positioning themselves as advisors in terms of risk prevention, which is changing the relationship between these companies and their insured clients.

In this pivotal period for the sector, surrounding yourself with a partner such as Vision Business Consulting is a chance to offer significant value to stakeholders, employees and customers.

Vision Business Consulting provides its functional knowledge and extensive digital capabilities to help its insurer clients drive agility, which results in the development of new revenue streams for the business as well as seamless digital services for clients.