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Hiring specialised profiles

Vision Business Consulting works with demanding clients who cannot afford to make mistakes in the profiles selected and who cannot wait weeks to have the technological and business skills adapted to their needs in terms of human resources.

Aware that the cost of turnover is very high in projects, we take particular care in selecting and proposing our candidates to our clients.

Our selection procedure is split into 3 parts:

Identification of the need:

In the same way as a football team, you don’t ask to recruit only attackers, in IT it’s the same thing, it’s not because two candidates are “systems & network architects” that they specialize in the same scope and have the same skills. This is why we always specify the needs of our clients to be aligned with their objectives.

Sourcing and selection of the candidate:

We first source through the most reliable and qualitative channel there is: The recommendation and co-optation of specialist consultants from our network whose expertise we recognize, they offer us remarkable candidates with whom they have already worked. We then have an internal CV library with tens of thousands of profiles that we have been able to integrate over several years of work, followed by other less traditional channels than the classic Linkedin subscription or job websites.

After the first interviews of the first selection, comes the technical and functional interview with our technical team, a rating is given to each candidate on the basis of his skills.

Candidates who have passed this second stage then go through an HR interview which validates beyond the essential technical skills, that the “softskills” (character trait, sense of listening, creativity, etc.) and the “lifeskills” (values, positions desired…) of the candidates who are put forward.

We thus carry out a rigorous pre-selection of profiles according to all of the expectations of companies (technical mastery AND values): Vision Business Consulting only presents to its clients talents with a personality and a profile that “matches” the position at hand. provide.

Follow-up :

After proposing to the client the candidates who have successfully passed our selection process, we provide a coordination and two follow-ups:

  • Coordination between the client and the candidates concerning the interview schedules, video-conference links, the management of their mutual agendas according to the availability of each one.
  • A follow-up with the client to find out if the candidate is accepted, if the candidate is not suitable for the client’s needs, we try to collect the requirements often not expressed by the client initially (which become clearer during the first interviews).
  • A follow-up with the candidate after his interview until the end of the integration session in the project to have his appreciation of the interview, if the interview went well we look at the extent to which we can offer him more offers compatible with his wish, if the interview went well and he was accepted in the mission, we accompany him in the first phases of project onboarding.