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Information system department

The Information Systems Department is more and more strategic in a company, very generally attached directly to the general management and followed very closely, our clients Information Systems Directors are visionaries, they are responsible for defining a information systems consistent with the company’s overall strategy. Our role is to assist these decision-makers in their difficult responsibilities (Human resources to find, technical problems to solve and financial limitations to take into account, objectives to achieve, deadlines to respect, etc.).

Vision Business Consulting offers broad support for directors of information systems which includes:

  • Development of an information systems plan and supervision of its implementation.
  • Calculation of the necessary budgets for the projects
  • Management of financial, technical and human resources for a range of projects.
  • Be a force for advice in the choice of equipment and challenge suppliers on quality and price.
  • Ensure the consistency and development of information systems.
  • Implement a security policy for equipment and data.
  • Do technology watch.
  • Coordinate work between our external teams and internal teams.