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Project Management Assistance

Our project management assistance covers the entire project scope from upstream strategic thinking to operational support:

Project scoping phase

  • Give a general provisional estimate
  • Feasibility study
  • Go/No Go phase

Requirements gathering phase

  • Drafting of general specifications.
  • General design.
  • Drafting of detailed functional specifications including models of the user journey
  • in a design thinking methodology.
  • Subdivision of the solution (MVP, V1, V2 etc.)
  • Functional architecture: Data transfer diagrams, projection in the general architecture.

Application development and interfacing phase

  • Validation of development environments and recipe
  • Validation of software modules delivered in pre-production according to DSFD specifications
  • Validation of the various interfaces required in pre-production.
  • Validation and testing

Application acceptance phase

  • Writing test scripts.
  • Management of the functional and technical acceptance until the total removal of anomalies.

Change management phase

  • Training of key users
  • Implementation of tutorial videos that serve as user guides
  • Implementation of technical documentation and procedure manuals
  • Device stabilization

Deployment phase

  • Drafting of the IS deployment file (Functional architecture file, method file
  • versioning and data recovery, authorization file)