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Leading through change

Following the implementation of a new digital ecosystem with new applications and new processes, the change management consists of supporting a company reorganization project according to a specific methodology.

The transformation project that we provide can concern all spheres of the company: change management can, for example, assist the reorientation of part of the activity, the development of the company’s skills, the modernization of the production, digitalization of services, etc.

We use it with our customers more particularly when it comes to an organized change (as opposed to a permanent change); that is to say, a change inducing a rupture and a need to reorganize the company.

This goes through several steps:

  • Identifying the need for change
  • Define the objectives to be achieved in order to drive the change
  • Build a change management team
  • Develop the change management action plan
  • Federate the teams
  • Distributor of the necessary training for users
  • Produce procedure manuals and user guides
  • Monitor the results of change management
  • Anchoring change in the company