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IT Architecture and urbanization

In order to effectively support the organization missions of our clients and to anticipate its transformations, upgrading the information system of the said organization is an imperative.

The urbanization of the IS as recommended by the teams of architects of Vision Business Consulting does not aim to carry out an overhaul that does not take into account previous achievements, but rather to take into account the existing architecture and better consider the developments or constraints affecting the IS of our customers, all this based on technological developments.

Our urbanization approach is based on 3 key areas:

  • Mapping of existing systems (business, functional, applications, techniques)
  • Determination of realistic target systems (business, functional, applications, techniques) to remove pain points and improve efficiency.
  • Calculation of the delta separating the existing and the target (in terms of resources, time and costs required)

Our customers are delighted to have following our intervention several deliverables which allow them to see clearly:

  • Target Information Systems defined clearly aligned with business strategy.
  • Trajectory to follow to reach this determined target IS.
  • Urban plans (targets and migration scenarios), rules etc. written
  • Functional infrastructure of the IS (corporate repositories, shared systems for inter-application exchanges, etc.) created and maintained.
  • Easy maintenance over time and distribution of maps