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As they continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, aerospace companies are facing upheaval and several concerns.

After several years of investment, aeronautics companies are entering a new phase of increased complexity and production rate. Tighter and tighter deadlines, increasingly rich maintenance, manufacturing and assembly chains in terms of processes are becoming the new norm.

We allow our customers to provide them with specialized technicians and aeronautical engineers compatible with their needs according to their request, and to equip them in terms of monitoring solutions and production assistance.

Leaders in the aerospace and military industries are aware of this and predict that over the next five years, the budget allocated to new digital services will increase by more than 80%. Negative effects could result from inaction. More than 80% fear that if they can’t overcome their organizational barriers to digital reinvention, their costs would rise dramatically and they would lose a lot of market share. Vision Business Consulting is there to help them make the switch at the right time.