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Business Process Management

Business process management otherwise known as BPM allows you to analyze and dissect business processes, with the aim of defining the steps necessary to achieve your business objectives in a strategic way with optimal efficiency for all company tasks and procedures.

We offer business process modeling that allows you to generate a complete BPM diagram, this gives a global map view of the organizational state of your entity and allows you to quickly target pain points, to clearly outline the actions to be taken and make the necessary optimizations.

Following our work modeling organizational processes using tools such as Aris  and Mega process , it is easy for Management of Projects and Organization department or the Information Systems departments to carry out the necessary optimizations which may concern several aspects:

  • Automating repetitive tasks using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies
  • The implementation of interoperability tools to link isolated heterogeneous processes
  • To set up Disaster Recovery Plans for detected sensitive processes that may involve an operational loss.
  • Deleting orphan processes
  • Deleting processes with the same inputs and outputs
  • Modification of procedures with loops that can therefore give rise to a succession of infinite business tasks
  • etc.