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InHouse engeneering services

In our technological businesses, we often offer an “in-house model” or “delegation of talents” guaranteeing a somewhat hybrid mode of collaboration that is attracting more and more companies looking for efficiency and flexibility.

In an “in-house model” contract, Vision Business Consulting commits to resources, i.e. to one or more human resources with the appropriate profile, made available to our clients for a given period.

This allows customers several advantages:

  • The freedom to change the project scope and make it evolve at any time
  • Quickly have a completely dedicated internal team without wasting recruiting time searching for candidates
  • Benefit from fixed rates adapted to the profile of the consultants
  • Controlled and easily budgeted invoicing in advance because it is calculated preventively of the time to be spent in accordance with the schedule
  • Have the support of Vision Business Consulting
  • No administrative or salary management