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Fashion industry

We have the opportunity to integrate the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution of our partner Centric Software (https://www.centricsoftware.com/) into the technical and functional ecosystem of several major players in the fashion industry.

With our customers in this sector, we have understood that information systems have the obligation to have a very specific flexibility linked to the strong seasonality that characterizes their business. The colors, the models, the cuts, the patterns, are some of the attributes which must change often although they are, from an object tree point of view, the source of all the products. This has an impact on the architectural choices that we put in place for these customers, architectures based on an object-oriented database.

We had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the design processes of a fashion item (shoe, hat, handbag, lingerie, etc.) from upstream Marketing thinking, through to manufacturing, through all stages of the design process, determination of raw material suppliers, 3D modeling etc. This sector of activity requires a lot of creativity and innovation from our teams.