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Core values

We are respectful :

1- We treat the people who work with us as we would like to be treated ourselves.
2- We are serious without taking ourselves seriously.
3- We consider that VISION BUSINESS CONSULTING is our company to all, we feel responsible for its resources.
4- We are an example of professionalism in our everyday work, if we commit ourselves, we keep our commitments.
5- We consider that the time of our colleagues has a value as important as ours.
6- We integrate new people into our teams and make them feel comfortable and welcome.
7- We accept and respect the differences of our colleagues whatever their beliefs and personal choices.
8- We remain cordial and smiling in all circumstances and particularly in challenges.

We are frank:

1- We give simple, complete and relevant information to our teams, colleagues and managers to offer the best view of the current situation.
2- We are positive, if we criticize an achievement or a choice, we propose a solution or an axis of improvement.
3- We see the interest of the group and the project first, we openly underline the risks detected, and we say it out loud if we consider that we are not qualified for the execution of a task.
4- We learn from our experiences and we share what we have learned.
5- We resolve our differences internally, so we don’t let our differences negatively affect our effectiveness.

We are passionate :

1- We are proud of our teams, proud of our work and proud of the services and products we deliver to our customers.
2- We believe that we are brilliant, talented and that we have the capacity to succeed in our projects.
3- We continuously come up with new ideas and share our knowledge.
4- We always act to protect and encourage long-term relationships with our customers and partners.
5- We are open to new technologies and change, because we consider that the company is like a bicycle, it must move forward to keep its balance.
6- We continuously help in the development of our company VISION BUSINESS CONSULTING