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We are pleased to announce that Vision Business Consulting has recently entered into a strategic collaboration with Managem, a major player in the mining and hydrometallurgy sector. This partnership is realized through the launch of a Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA) project aimed at ensuring the operational condition of a portfolio of 13 critical applications for our client’s activities.

Understanding TMA: Ensuring Business Continuity

🔧 Third-Party Application Maintenance (TMA) is an essential service for modern businesses. TMA ensures the sustainability and efficiency of information systems by guaranteeing their maintenance, updating, and continuous optimization. In a context where technologies evolve rapidly, TMA provides an agile and proactive response to the maintenance and support needs of applications.

Objectives of Our Partnership

Our mission with Managem is clear: to maintain and optimize a set of 13 critical applications, covering various aspects of the company’s operations. Here are the main objectives of this project:

  1. Ensuring Application Availability and Performance ⚙️: Our teams work continuously to ensure that applications are available and perform well, minimizing interruptions and downtime.
  2. Continuous Optimization and Improvement 🔄: In collaboration with Managem’s teams, we regularly analyze application performance to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.
  3. Incident Management and Support 📞: We provide responsive and effective support to quickly resolve incidents and issues that may arise, ensuring the continuity of our client’s operations.
  4. Security and Compliance 🔐: Application security is a priority. We ensure that all applications adhere to the strictest security standards and remain compliant with current regulations.

The Added Value of Vision Business Consulting

🏅 Expertise and Trust : This partnership is based on trust and expertise. Vision Business Consulting brings extensive experience in application maintenance management, coupled with an in-depth understanding of Managem’s specific needs. Our teams consist of highly qualified and dedicated professionals who use proven methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the success of this project.

Future Prospects

🌟 Innovation and Growth : We are confident that this collaboration with Managem will only strengthen our position as a leader in the TMA field. By working hand in hand with our client, we aim not only to maintain applications in operational condition but also to evolve them to meet future challenges and growth opportunities.

In conclusion, this TMA project is a key step in our partnership with Managem. It demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality application maintenance solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We look forward to seeing the positive results of this collaboration and to continuing to offer services that contribute to the success of our clients.

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